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Suited Explainer Video

This succinct 12-minute video overviews What is Suited, How It Works, How we Remove Bias, How to use Scores, and gives several examples of scenarios you may encounter in your process.

Suited is an AI-powered screening tool designed to enhance resume selection and reduce bias.

Suited evaluates over 100 cognitive ability, personality, and academic factors to determine which candidates have a high probability of being strong performers based on a firm-specific hiring model.

<aside> 👉 This tool is built to provide an objective, data-driven evaluation of candidates to help identify the best talent from a diverse group of applicants while reducing reliance on tedious and assumption-laden resume reviews.


How to use Suited 🖱️


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Referring Candidates for Assessment

Managing Applicant Pools

Candidate Lists and Filtering

Filtering by Location Preferences

Candidate Report and Resume

Exporting Candidates

Use Cases